UrsaLeo and Trineflex: a collaboration to transform industrial processes with digital twinning

“As a member of the Trineflex Consortium, UrsaLeo will help accelerate the delivery of cutting-edge digital twin solutions powered by Nvidia Omniverse to teams worldwide”.

That’s how John Burton (CEO of UrsaLeo) described a partnership that, under the Horizon Europe program, is set to revolutionize energy-intensive industrial processes.

UrsaLeo’s advanced digital twin solutions (driven by Nvidia Omniverse Enterprise) will introduce immersive and collaborative experiences for consortium members, enhancing their ability to monitor and manage energy consumption efficiently. The deployment will leverage the cloud technology of Nvidia Graphics Delivery Network (GDN): within the Trineflex Consortium, UrsaLeo will provide digital twins to four end users, marking the initial phase of this transformative initiative.

Image Credit: UrsaLeo

Current projects involve creating digital twins for Esamur and Eydap‘s water treatment plants, optimizing energy usage, and enhancing water quality. UrsaLeo is also developing a twin for Halcor‘s copper pipe manufacturing plant, integrating real-time data for energy consumption optimization. Furthermore, a digital twin for Verallia‘s glass manufacturing plant is in progress, with a focus on minimizing energy consumption using real-time data.

UrsaLeo’s digital twin solutions seamlessly integrate with existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to consortium operations: this positions Trineflex Consortium members to make swift, informed decisions, enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing downtime in the rapidly evolving landscape of industrial processes.

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