On October 23, 2023, an online joint seminar took place, providing us with the opportunity to meet with two notable projects approved under the Horizon Europe program – TWIN GREEN and DIGITAL TRANSITION 2021, with whom we share common goals and ideals.

All three projects present at the event share the same goal of making industrial processes more efficient and sustainable: thats why during this webinar, all the chosen speakers showcased one demo case for each project – sharing values, research and the results obtained so far. All in all, the three presentations featured use cases from various sectors, such as manufacturing of diving equipment, automotive, and the glass industry.

In projects as big as the one we share with TWIN GREEN and DIGITAL TRANSITION 2021, it is fundamental to emphasize the importance of joining forces: events such the one that took place yesterday aim to underline that collaboration is fundamental to achieving our collective goal. These Horizon Europe initiatives are paving the way for innovation and sustainable practices within the glass packaging industry – and joining forces is the best way to do it.

Attendees had the opportunity to gain insights into the intricacies faced by our researchers and explore potential synergies with other cases. The common goal, aimed at supporting the transformation of energy-intensive industrial processes through the integration of energy flexibility and the supply of raw materials, served as a unifying theme throughout the seminar.

Filipa Lima of AIMEN and Matteo Marini from Verallia, our speakers, shed a light on these themes and offeredan overview of our projects, with a particular focus on the Verallia demo case. The company’s 32 glass production factories, three glass discoloration facilities, and eight glass scrap recycling centers contribute to an annual production of approximately 16 billion glass bottles, showcasing their pivotal role in the industry.

In particular, Verallia Italy is a key partner in the TRINEFLEX project: we are glad we had the opportunity to showcase this company amongst our closest collaborators during this webinar.

In the end, the joint seminar served as a valuable platform for introducing and fostering collaboration among Horizon Europe projects in the energy flexibility industry. As these initiatives progress, we will continue working together, fostering innovation and knowledge sharing while focusing on our goal for digitalization to reduce energy consumption, and emissions.