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HORIZON Innovation Actions

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Start date

1 September 2022

End date

31 August 2026

Total cost: €19 262 988,75
EU contribution. €16 308 948,50


TRINEFLEX is a toolkit for Energy Intensive Industries: a service managing the digital aspects and the flexibility and sustainability transition of industrial processes.

Different innovative technologies will be implemented in synergy with the powerful digital solutions to demonstrate flexibility measures towards energy neutrality.

Since energy consumption is a critical economic and environmental issue for companies, energy flexibility emerges as a defining factor: combining energy-intensive industrial processes with low carbon dioxide emission systems, which encourage the use of renewable energies, in a flexible way, and without compromising productivity.

To achieve this ambitious goal, a series of digital services have been developed for the collection, management and real-time analysis of the so-called “Big Data”: data containing a greater variety, arriving in increasing volumes and with more velocity, which are produced by the most energy-intensive industrial processes considered in TRINEFLEX.

These data have been collected, managed and analyzed by means of specific Artificial Intelligence algorithms for the “intelligent” and real-time extraction of information with high added value.
This process is preparatory to the development of a digital model of production processes in order to manage the operating cycle of energy-intensive plants in a flexible and sustainable way.

The principles of TRINEFLEX are rooted in the green and digital transition. In this approach flexibility is considered a key factor to achieve decarbonization without compromising society and the economy.
The TRINEFLEX main goal is to t
ransform  energy intensive process industries implementing energy, process and feedstock flexibility.
This purpose is pursued by the project main objectives:

This service aims to assess the flexibility potential of a plant
and to implement the appropriate data acquisition, storage and processing.
Goal: exploit the untapped value of process data, delivering actionable intelligence and clarity of information.

Deliver a flexible Digital Twin development framework allowing the development of multiple types of DTs: Physical, mathematical and hybrid, and whether a 3D environment is available or not.

Goal: to exploit the Digital Twin environments and
simulations and perform a Digital Validation in parallel to the integration and thus validating the models.

The models is generated for each technology:

  1. Technologies capable of sustainable energy sourcing in closed loop systems
  2. Battery and power-to-gas storage,
    aggregation, and demand response
  3. Different hydrogen solutions
  4. Identification of alternative, bio- and waste- based
    fuels and feedstocks 
  5. Post Combustion Carbon Capture
  1. Analyse local dimension of each site fostering citizen engagement, open science actions and citizen science actions.
  2. Dedicated capacity building activities: AVANTI and TICASS training platforms.
  3. Issues of workplace safety and wellbeing will be addressed through OHSE protocols.
  4. Deliver a gender equality plan addressing context-specific and region-specific challenges
  5. Assess energy market characteristics for each region
  6. LCA tool to verify and evaluate technological, environmental, and economic performances of processes and operations of each demo case
  7. Achieve learnings about economic/regulatory barriers for implementation of TRINEFLEX
  1. Maximise the potential of energy flexibility (capacity to load shift and peak demand reduction)
  2. Reduce fossil-fuel based energy consumption and the associated emissions
  3. Improve productivity, resource use efficiency and reduce maintenance times and breakdown frequency and reduce maintenance times and breakdown frequency.
  4. Implement the actions of objective. Results will enable replicability and transferability in Europe and the USA

Work packages

To achieve the objectives, the project is structured in Work Packages.