Sister projects: presenting FLEXIndustries’ holistic approach

In our quest to achieve sustainable industrial practices, collaboration is fundamental: that is why we partnered with two sister projects – FLEXIndustries being one of them.

FLEXIndustries emerges as a trailblazing initiative, committed to revolutionizing energy efficiency across seven diverse sectors. This strategic project adopts a holistic approach, aiming to design and deploy measures that not only enhance energy efficiency but also introduce process flexibility methods. The focus extends beyond mere innovation: FLEXIndustries seeks to ensure seamless integration of its solutions into existing electrical and heating networks.

A key target of FLEXIndustries is energy-intensive industries, recognizing them as prime beneficiaries. The project envisages the development and testing of cutting-edge energy efficiency solutions, aligning with the global shift towards cleaner and more sustainable practices. Crucially, the initiative acknowledges the need for parallel support from standardization bodies to facilitate a smooth transition. By building upon existing standards, FLEXIndustries ensures compatibility with market conditions and establishes transparent rules for prospective customers.

To harness and exploit the project’s results, active involvement of the scientific community and technical expertise is paramount. This collaborative effort is essential for advancing knowledge and tailoring solutions to precisely meet the intricate needs of industry. Moreover, public institutions and policymakers stand to gain invaluable insights from FLEXIndustries. The project’s outcomes will contribute to informed policymaking, aligning with overarching strategies like the EU’s Green Deal.

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