UrsaLeo brings the Industrial Metaverse to any existing IoT system.




Digital Twin IoT visualizations, reporting, and user interface

Team involved

Bindu Srikanth

Experienced program manager with over 10 years working in consumer and industrial applications

Angie Sticher

Chief Product Officer/COO

Software operations leader with over 25 years of experience bringing software solutions to market, including 5 years at Palm and 10 years at Apple

Kyuhee Lee

UI/UX Designer

Design professional responsible for developing core design principles as well as user experience and user interface design projects to the platform

Cory Barr

Lead Developer

Visual developer responsible for creation of digital twin scenes for UrsaLeo platform

John Hershberg

Frontend Developer

Responsible for creation of time series IoT graphs and user administration features

Diego Ramirez

Backend Developer

Responsible for data migration and management to enable UrsaLeo’s Gemini platform to ingest and visualize all data from any data stream provided

John Burton

Serial entrepreneur responsible for overseeing UrsaLeo customer relationships