Syxis is an association that looks to the future, creating a network capable of developing innovation paths based on digital technologies for sustainability and generating mutual value with its partners through the circular economy.
The inspiration for the name Syxis comes from the combination of the ancient greek word “praxis” and the prefix “sym“, with the meaning of “to work together, to participate together” Syxis support his members to create innovation pathways based on Digital Technologies for sustainability Key enabling elements Syxis aim for sustainable development are: Circular Economy system, Network Awareness, Cyber Physical systems Syxis members have a broad expertise and many years of experience in more than 30 EU projects , development of more than 90 Innovation cases and a network of more than 400 organizations.


Task Leader 2.2, Involved in WP2, WP5,WP6, WP7


Lead of Task 2.2 T2.2 Enriched data management, cybersecurity, IDS connectivity & compliancy – (SYXIS), M4-M18. This task will take care the project needs to manage data enriched by context and metadata for all the end users. Kharon solution from SYXIS will be used, enabling data management, storage and dispatching as well as providing access control capabilities to data-sets and pilots information, following cybersecurity best practices. Will also play a key role in T5.1 (System level validation in operational environment – (TSK), M07-M33) This task describes the overall coordination of the demo-sites, as well as the common activities implemented in each demonstration. The Kharon solution provided by Syxis will be the backbone for Data gathering and in-situ measurements that will be carried out in both the real and virtual plants.

Team involved

Paolo Perillo

Director/ Senior Consultant

Graduated in Engineering at University of Pisa.  International experience,  worked formerly at Pirelli Pneumatici and IBM Corporation covering role of growing responsibilities in Italy and abroad, and was entrepreneur in technology ventures.

Jacopo Cassina

Is the author of 30 publications on international conferences and journals and three books. His main skills are IoT (Internet of Things), PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), applied to the product / service, predictive maintenance and Serious Games. He has developed skills in the sustainable management of the product life cycle and the assessment of the environmental impact of a product / service in its life cycle (Extended LCA).

Konstantinos Grevenitis

Michele Tibaldi