Climate change is a great threat to biodiversity. To keep the temperature increase below 1,5 degrees, a 14 fold increase in solar energy is needed by 2050 according to IRENA.
Cost reductions for solar energy will make this more likely to happen. Unfortunately mining for the materials that is needed for this transition, can itself be a great threat to nature. Svalin Solar is developing a floating solar system which requires only 10 percent the amount of solar cell materials compared to conventional solar panels. This reduces the need for mining, climate gas emissions and costs. The rest of the panels are mainly made from recycled plastic materials. The climate gas emissions from manufacturing are estimated to be about 70 % lower than conventional PV panels. The system is also made to be easy to recycle. In many densely populated areas and close to hydro power plants, installation on water can be the only available option. Our system float without the need for floating platforms, and the installation process is simpler and faster compared to our biggest competitors. This saves costs. Our panels can produce both electricity and heat. Many industries use existing powerplants that also produce this combination, for example for district heating. We can match the industries existing power and heat mix. We have tested a prototype located in Kongeparken amusement park which demonstrated higher solar collector efficiency than conventional flat solar collectors. Our panels consist of simple curved mirrors that focuses the light linearly onto narrow solar cells or solar collector pipes. We will be providing both a PV variant, a solar collector variant and a hybrid PVT variant of the system. This will make it possible to tailor the ratio between heat and electricity precisely to the customer’s needs. Our core team consists of the founder Åge Eivind Aslaksen, Svein Kvernstuen and Jan Helge Strømnes who are all co-owners and board members.


Main activities will be in WP4


Svalin Solar is going to provide a 16 kW PVT system for SINTEF’s PCCC pilot. Our proprietary concentrated hybrid solar technology will be integrated will the PCCC and equipped with a heat-pump (as thermal energy booster) in order to reduce reboiler duty and therefore, the associated costs. The hybrid solar technology combines concentrated PV and CSP delivering electrical and thermal power simultaneously. The PVT panels are going to be placed on two-axis trackers on land instead of water for this project.

Team involved

Åge Eivind Aslaksen

CEO/product developer

Has worked on several large scale industrial building projects as well as land use/urban planning. Is the inventor of Svalin’s patented technology and the founder of Svalin Solar AS.