STAM is an engineering firm specialized in the high-tech sector. We provide turnkey solutions in the following areas: Space & Defence, Security & Transport, Energy & Environment, and Industry & Automation.
Since the company establishment in 1997, we have been designing and developing innovative mechanisms and mechatronic devices. The main services provided were related to the field of mechanical engineering, performing all stages of the product design cycle: conception, tools and subsystem design and specification, definition of production systems and cycles. Since 2010 we have broadened our expertise portfolio, applying our expertise in new fields, such as construction and transports, and building new skills in ICT, where we develop solutions and software tools in order to support activities within Industry 4.0. The enthusiasm and the experience of the personnel is our main asset. Thanks to these qualities and to an ideal mix between various areas of expertise, Stam has achieved outstanding results, such as: several patents, a testing laboratory for special machinery, and the successful completion of over 200 projects.


• WP1 – End user requirements and project specification – (R2M), M1-M12 • WP3 – Interfacing of AI-enabled DSS with the digital twin framework – (CORE), M7-M31 • WP5 – Validation and demonstration activities – (TSK), M1-M48 • WP6 – TRINEFLEX impacts and evolution – (AUTH), M1-M48 • WP7 – Communication, Dissemination, Exploitation – (TICASS), M1-M48 • WP8 – Project management and coordination – (AIMEN), M1-M48


• T3.5: Digital validation – (AIMEN), M12-M31 • T5.1: System level validation in operational environment – (TSK), M07-M33 • T5.4: Demonstrations #1 Glass – (VERAL), M34-M46 • T6.4: Sustainability assessment through LCA – (STAM), M01-M33

Team involved

Marta Notari

Junior Project Engineer

During her studies, she had the opportunity to participate in an Erasmus project in collaboration with the Universities of Aberdeen and the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia (UPV), to promote innovative and sustainable solutions in close collaboration with local companies. Currently, in STAM she works as project engineer on research & innovation projects, strategic innovation consultancies and co-funded projects.

Andrea Giugno

Project Engineer

During his studies he spent 1 semester for studying at UPMC in Paris, 6 months at WavEC in Lisbon for his M.Sc. thesis and 1 year at Rolls Royce Plc. in Derby (UK), working on the CFD optimization of modern jet engine fan blades. Currently, in STAM he works as project engineer on research & innovation projects, strategic innovation consultancies and co-funded projects, mainly focused on the green hydrogen transition and technology development.