Mytilineos S.A.

MYTILINEOS S.A. is one of the leading industrial companies in Greece, with activities in Metallurgy, EPC, Electric Power and Gas Trading. MYTILINEOS expanded its activities to the Electric Power sector in 2001 and during the last ten years, the Company has been established as the dominant independent energy producer in Greece, by carrying out a €1 billion investment plan in energy assets and taking on a leading role in the deregulation of the Greek energy market, which opens up significant prospects for Greek businesses and the Greek economy at large.
The vision of unlocking the potential of the energy sector in Greece is a priority for MYTILINEOS. The Company has a broad range of vertically integrated operations in the energy sector in place, from the construction and operation of power plants to the trade of natural gas and the supply of electricity and gas to end-consumers. MYTILINEOS owns and operates an energy portfolio of a total installed capacity of 1300 MW (thermal and RES plants), while it is also active in the electricity and gas supply (through Protergia, the brand name of MYTILINEOS Electric Power Sector), aiming to provide electricity and gas to companies and households and to satisfy the customers’ needs for competitive prices and modern, reliable services. The energy portfolio of MYTILINEOS consists of: • 1,2 GW from 3 modern CCGT plants in operation • 200 MW from RES plants in operation • Trading license for 310 MW of electricity • Supply license for 500 MW of electricity • CO2 Emissions Trading Platform • Natural Gas Contract Management – Supply PROTERGIA (Energy and NG BU) is the Energy Unit of MYTILINEOS, the largest independent electricity producer in Greece. The company’s portfolio of energy assets, with a total installed capacity of 1,200 MW of thermal capacity and 200 MW of RES covers more than 10% of the country’s active and licensed installed. PROTERGIA provides electricity and natural gas to businesses, professionals and households, responding to the customers’ needs for competitive prices and modern, reliable services with more of 300.000 supplies across the country. PROTERGIA will invest a lot in the next years, to create and deploy prosumer-based services and products, following the EU Clean Energy Package directives. PROTERGIA’s Applied R&D | Innovation Division (Protergia Innovation Labs) leads the prosumer /CEP innovation strategy, new business development, special advanced projects and the conversion of research outputs into innovative products and services (Technology Transfer, Open Innovation, Applied Research) in the domain of Digital Smart Grids (Energy Digitization). The Division, uses and analyses the EU project outputs, and through a systematic and organized Technology Transfer/Exploitation/Incremental innovation procedure, creates new products and services for PROTERGIA’s business portfolio.


WP3: Interfacing of AI-enabled DSS with the digital twin framework • T5.5 Smart Contract Interfacing with Flexible Operation. WP5: Validation and Demonstration Activities • T5.5 Demonstration 4: Copper (HALCOR). • T5.6 Demonstration 5: Water (EYDAP). WP7: Communication, Dissemination, Exploitation • T7.3 Access to Flexibility Markets and New Business Models. • T7.4 Education and Upskilling / Capacity Building.


The initial role of MYTILINEOS (MYTIL) in this project is the role of an independent aggregator that will lead the community into net-zero paths. In order to manage Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), a centralized IT system is created with AI and blockchain technology to control the DERs and optimize their operation, participating in demand-response (DR) schemes. Blockchain technology is chosen because it gives a decentralized and greener character in the energy field. The role of MYTIL is further expanded to realize the whole blockchain platform while employing smart contracts that will be ratified with Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Furthermore, the above will be implemented in two demonstrations interfacing with each other; To be precise, in the first case (DC#4) a collaboration with HALCOR group in the copper sector is formed; The end goal is process, energy and feedstock optimization to maximize flexibility by introducing local and distributed storage, smart contracts and PPAs, increase the share of scrap and match operating conditions with feedstock properties. MYTIL will further expand the Distributed Energy Storage and it will be managed by introducing load aggregation. In the second case (DC#5), a collaboration with EYDAP aiming at water treatment co-flexibility is formed. EYDAP is committed to decarbonization as well as energy efficiency and a central component of this plan is reducing the energy consumption of water management. DC#5 will benefit from the ambitious interventions of DC#4, and the replicability and upscaling will also be assessed in the context of DT fidelity. DC#5 will form a VPP interface via MYTIL and with HALCOR and energy communities. The architecture of this VPP will be scalable and planned to incorporate a network of industries and prosumers. The last but not least role encompasses the participation in the strategies for communication, dissemination and exploitation. In particular, MYTIL will partner with other entities to develop sustainable business plans, create and assess new business models for flexible markets as well as assist in the integration of training and education material in the platform.

Team involved

Vassilis Nikolopoulos

Head of Applied Research and Development – Innovation Department at Protergia Energy and NG Unit, Mytilineos (Protergia Innovation Labs – PIL)

Being an active entrepreneur (Intelen founder), applied researcher and passionate with technology futurology, in the last 15 years, Vassilis has been working with utilities and various energy stakeholders, focusing on the Big Data problems Energy Sector (Smart Grids). He has global recognitions in top innovation and entrepreneurship contests (US Red herring, SVASE Silicon Valley, Siemens global smart grid, OECD eco-innovation, CeBIT top cleantech, etc.).  He founded Intelen (outcome of his PhD at NTUA), one of the most successful startups in the digital energy and utility analytics market, having some big utilities as clients. He has cooperated with more than 40 utilities in USA and Europe, dealing with customer engagement, customer analytics, AI/ML, energy management and deployment of new business models and digital services. He has worked and managed more than 15 big EU, raising more than 1,4M Euros (FP6, FP7, eContent, eTEN, IEE, RIA, H2020) and also engaged to some National research projects (GSRT). He is the author of one book in Computer Networks, guest speaker in many conferences and events and has more than 50 publications in conferences, journals and technology papers. He is a guest lecturer in Blockchain at Nicosia University and in Entrepreneurship at Piraeus University, reviewer at Elsevier and Blockchain technologies (Editorial Board @Frontiers) and serves also as a Scientific expert/Reviewer at the European Commission in Horizon2020. He is a valedictorian Electrical Engineer from Dundee University, Scotland with postgraduate studies at Imperial College, London School of Economics, Cambridge, Ecole Polytechnique and a PhD from National Technical University of Athens, focused on real-time big data decision making.

Nikos Babis

Data Innovation Scientist at the Applied Research and Development – Innovation Department at Protergia Energy and NG Unit, Mytilineos (Protergia Innovation Labs – PIL)

He also manages various industrial diploma theses and interns for corporate incremental innovation. He is an expert in Data Science and Machine Learning with additional innovation skills in business modeling. In the past, he worked as a Big Data Scientist at CPERI/CERTH optimizing power plant’s operations, by detecting anomalies/outliers faster and more accurately than before. He was also an intern for 2 summers (2015, 2016) at PPC’s power plant in Kardia, Ptolemaida. He served as a member of the department responsible for the installation and repair of the factory automation and measurement tools. He also worked for 1 year at SIGMIA for software development for retail related companies. He studied Electrical & Computer Engineering at DUTH and holds an MSc degree in Data Web Science from AUTH.

Ioannis (John) Tsogias

Member of the Applied Research and Development – Innovation Department at Protergia Energy and NG Unit, Mytilineos (Protergia Innovation Labs – PIL)

He is a new member of the PIL which he joined as an AI and Business Analyst. He is a former Ph.D. candidate at the University of Delaware, where he was focusing on design, modeling and control of quadrupedal robots before exiting the program to actively pursuit work in the Greek energy sector. He studied Mechanical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens.