ICCS, Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, is a non-profit Academic Research Body established in 1989 by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs to carry applied Research and Development activity in the areas of telecommunications, computer systems and their application in a variety of research themes.
ICCS is linked to the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and is the research arm of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). ICCS consists of more than 50 labs, research groups and teams, dealing with all aspects of Electrical and Computer Engineering and employs approximately 800 researchers and scientists including Faculty Members, permanent or long-term Researchers. In PLASTICE project, ICCS is represented by one of its Research Groups, the I-SENSE Group. I-SENSE Group consists of more than 100 researchers of various ranks and is very active in a number of scientific and research areas with main application areas the Intelligent Transportation Systems, the Virtual Environments, the Assistive Technologies and the Smart Integrated Systems & Communication. I-SENSE has coordinated and participates in more than 150 Research Projects, both EU funded and National ones, the last 20 years, and has worked with several industry leaders since its establishment in 2002, serving currently as the Coordinator of the following ones: HYPERION, Cyber-MAR,5G-IANA, IN-PREP, eCharge4Drivers, CitySCAPE and DIONE projects.


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ICCS will lead the development of the Feedstock Adaptation Agent (T3.4). The Feedstock Adaptation Agent is an AI based component that will be a part of TRINEFLEX decision support system. It will enable processes optimization based on the qualitative characteristics of the feedstock assuring increased feedstock sourcing flexibility and leading to reduction of the raw materials dependency. Additionally, ICCS will define the methodology for “green ICT” constituting a part of the monitoring framework which will be developed as a part of T1.5 to create monitoring plans for each demo case and process. The analysis will concern the cost of procurement, the power consumption at the collection and data exchange steps, as well as the possibility for software adaptations for further improvement.

Team involved

Angelos Amditis

Research & Development Director of ICCS of NTUA a.amditis@iccs.gr

Since June 2018, he has been the ERTICO-ITS Europe Chairman. He also serves as a member of the Executive Board of ETP-ALICE, Deputy Chairman of Athens Urban Transport Organisation, member of the BoD of Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company, Vice President of ITS Hellas and member of the Board of Directors at the Institute for Logistics & Management (ILME). During his long career, he has been active in the fields of ITS, ICT for environmental and security applications, risk & crisis management, sensors and information fusion, data management, citizen science, circular economy, platforms, AI/VR, and many more. In the last 20 years, he has participated in numerous research projects being the scientific responsible of more than 150 projects. Dr. Amditis is currently coordinating 5G-IANA, CitySCAPE, eCharge4Drivers, EVENTS, DIONE, HYPERION, CYBER-MAR, XGain, and IN-PREP.

Lucyna Lekawska-Andrinopoulou

Senior Researcher & Project Manager lucyna.andrinopoulou@iccs.gr

She holds a Diploma in Environmental Protection from Warsaw University of Life Sciences and M.Sc. in Bioinformatics from Stockholm University. She has received Ph.D. degree from the Agricultural University of Athens within the FP7 Marie Curie Action “LeanGreenFood”. Main areas of her professional expertise include circular economy, industrial symbiosis, renewable energy sources, sustainable food technologies and green chemistry.

Georgios Tsimiklis

Team Leader, Smart Integrated Systems (SIS) georgios.tsimiklis@iccs.gr

He has received a Diploma degree from the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department of Patras University in 2010, and a MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in 2012. He has an extensive experience in the design and management of large scale IT projects gained in the field of Airline Passenger Service Systems, in France (2012-2015) and Japan (2015-2018).

Irini Krimpa

Communication & Dissemination Officer Irini.krimpa@iccs.gr

She speaks 4 languages, holds a digital marketing diploma from the Hellenic American Union while she is currently expanding her knowledge in the field of coaching and organizational psychology. Through her studies and experience she has focused on consumer behaviour and communication and has worked more than 13 years in several marketing fields such as communication, qualitative marketing research, and digital marketing. She has worked on numerous projects with well-known institutions and global enterprises while in the recent years, she has been highly involved in the tech and culture sectors. Her duties in ISENSE include the creation, development and management of all the communication and dissemination activities for a variety of EU tech related research projects.

Marilena Xarcha

Subteam Leader – Project Administrative Management

Since then she has been employed in the I-SENSE group of ICCS responsible for financial management of research projects. Since 2011 she is the head of the financial team of I-SENSE. Among others she is responsible for project administrative management, monitoring and planning expenditures, checking partners’ expenditures and synthesising consolidated financial reports for the funding authority, distribution of partners’ payments according to their accepted expenses. She is acting as the administrative manager on behalf of the coordinator for several projects co-funded by the FP7 and Regional Cooperation programmes, but also for national initiatives. She is also responsible for administrative support in the preparation of budgets of proposals submitted for funding by several programmes, European and national ones.