Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP) is the largest Water Utility in Greece active in the distribution and management of water and the provision of sewerage and wastewater treatment services.
EYDAP supplies Attica with some of the highest quality water in Europe. EYDAP Water Supply Sector serves 4,300,000 customers (2,030,000 water meters) along a network exceeding 9,500 km. The Company operates three dams, four water reservoirs, two aqueducts and four water treatment plants that have a nominal supply from 200.000 to 600.000 m3 daily each. The main water sources and the reservoirs used are located in pristine areas, free from agricultural and industrial activity, so that the Greek capital is supplied with water of excellent quality, transported naturally by gravity, with low energy consumption. The Wastewater Treatment sector of EYDAP serves approximately 3,695,000 inhabitants. The management of wastewater is done by designing and implementing an integrated treatment system in the Wastewater Treatment Plants, particularly important for the protection of the environment. The sewerage of the Athens Metropolitan Area is carried out by a network of primary and secondary wastewater pipes, spreading over 8,438 km. The treatment of effluents in EYDAP’s areas of competence is carried out at the three Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) at Metamorfosi, (WWTPM), at the island of Psyttalia (WWTPP) and at Thriasio Pedio (WWTPT). EYDAP’s strategy is based on achieving balanced and sustainable development for the benefit of society as a whole, customers, employees, shareholders and all those who have a legitimate interest in it. The main goals of EYDAP’s strategy are: • Increase of efficiency in the operation of the Company • Upgrading the services provided • Expansion of the clientele – Increase of geographical coverage • Development of new activities • Utilization of human resources • Utilization of technology and innovation • Settlement of the regulatory and contractual framework with the Greek State • Strict application and compliance with all quality and operational standards


WP1 T1.1 Definition of end user requirements, monitoring, and flexibility potential – T1.3 Consolidation of technological and system specifications; WP2 T2.2 Enriched data management, cybersecurity, IDS connectivity & compliancy – T2.3 Process analysis for Digital Twin consolidation; WP3 T3.6 Smart contract interfacing with flexible operation; WP4 T4.1 Energy efficient technologies – T4.6 Asset digitalisation; WP5 T5.6 Demonstrations #5 Water (Task Leader); WP6 T6.5 Economic policy learnings for flexible and efficient EIIs; WP7 T7.1 Communication and dissemination – T7.2 Exploitation strategy – T7.4 Education and upskilling / capacity building; WP8 T8.1 Overall Project Management – T8.2 Progress monitoring including reporting – T8.3 Quality Assurance and Data Management Plan – T8.4 Advisory Board Management.


Team involved

Stelios Samios

Head of EYDAP’s R&D Department, Overall project management of the project

His work focuses on Water and wastewater Treatment, Quality Management, Environmental Awareness, and Water Resource Management with a PhD focused on Environmental Engineering from the Aegean university (2012). He has authored more than 30 journal and conference papers, and has been lecturer in seminars in related fields. His theoretical background in project management (MBA from Leicester University, 1994) enabled him to conduct EYDAP ‘s part of European funded research programs.

Vasiliki Polychniatou

Research Associate at the R&D Department of EYDAP, Technical and administrative management of the project

Her role in EYDAP is technical, financial and administrative project management of research projects. She has published 5 scientific papers and participated in 20 conferences with proceedings. Her role in TRINEFLEX will be the overall, technical and administrative management of the project.

Nikolaos Tsalas

Research Associate at the R&D Department of EYDAP, Technical management of the project

His tasks at EYDAP involve the operation, technical support, and quality monitoring of sewer mining units for water reuse. His role in TRINEFLEX will be primarily associated with the technical issues of the project.