ESAMUR is a public company created by the Law 3/2000, of July 12, of Sewerage and Wastewater Treatment and Implantation of the Sewerage fee in Murcia Region.
The Law of Sewerage assigns to ESAMUR the task of collecting and managing the Sewerage fee, applying these economic resources to the tasks of exploitation, maintenance and control of the public facilities of wastewater treatment in Murcia Region (Spain). Functions: – Management and administration of the Sewerage Fee. – Exploitation and maintenance of the public WWTP – Control and follow-up of the results of the wastewater treatment and sludges. – Construction, rehabilitation and improvement of facilities. – Inspection of the Sewerage Canon applied to industrial spillages to sewerage networks and cooperation with the municipalities in the control of industrial spillages. – Tasks of disemination, experimentation and development in wastewater reuse and treatment systems.


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ESAMUR, as operator of Alcantarilla WWTP, will host the Demo case number 3. The main objectives are the reduction and flexibility of energy consumption in this facility, by the implementation and management of renewable energies and a digital twin for the aeration process, supported by the use of microbial electrochemical sensors and oxygen transference equipments.

Team involved

Pedro Simón Andreu

Director ESAMUR

The 7 years as CEO in public company EPSAR could be highlighted, managing the wastewater treatment system in Valencia Community ( 4,5 million of inhabitants and 450 WWTPs ) and since 2002 I am working as technical director in ESAMUR, regional public company that manages the wastewater treatment system in Region Murcia Community ( 1,5 million inhabitants and 99 WWTPs ). Water reuse coordinator in AEAS ( Spanish Association of Water Supply and Sanitation ) association and Vicepresident in ASERSA (Spanish Association of Sustainable Water Reuse) association.

Carlos Lardín Mifsut

Responsible of WWTPs 2nd zone

. I am responsable for the las 20 years of operations in ESAMUR- Regional Government Body in Murcia for wastewater treatment. In my profesional life I have been working for several water sector companies and currently I deal with the management and maintenance of 55 WWTPs. I have also participated in several research projects and many publications and conferences, as the elaboration of the “Handbook for the identification and recount of Helminths Eggs parasites in urban wastewater” and the “Guide for the application of RD 1620/2007 that establish the legal framework for reclaimed water”

Román López Aragón

Responsible of water and sludge reuse

Higher level technician in occupational risk prevention. University expert in updating in integrated protection and agro-environmental engineering techniques. I have been working from 2001 to 2010 in several companies related with agri-food. From 2011 to 2015 I´ve been working as technical assistance in water reuse for a engineering company. From 2015 to now I am working in ESAMUR as responsible technician in water and sludge reuse.

Presentations at several technical conferences and co-author of two scientific publications.

National coordinator of the working group for the management of sewage sludge in AEAS.