CORE Innovation Center

CORE Innovation Centre is a non-profit RTO, subsidiary of CORE Innovation & Technology OE, aiming to provide individuals, industries and companies with opportunities to reach their true potential, to make industries smarter and greener, more sustainable and more socially inclusive.
Industry 4.0 is where CORE IC chooses to focus its research and innovation efforts. Advances in a range of technologies i.e. IoT, big data, machine and deep learning, edge and cloud computing are deployed to maximise the potential of both people and entities in multiple sectors.


WP3 (WP leader) WP7 (T7.3 leader)


CORE IC is the leader of WP3 aiming at the development of an AI-based decision support system that will enable the end users to operate their industrial plants utilizing their flexibility potential. Apart from leading WP3, coordinating the exchange among WP3 partners and aligning the work performed with the technical objectives of WP3, CORE IC will also be responsible for developing an integrated Energy Management System. The Energy Management System will use AI/Machine Learning tools combined with energy data to provide better management of energy resources and improve the energy efficiency goals of the end users, combining energy data from heterogeneous sources within the plant as well as information from the energy grid provider and external services. The Asset Health Monitoring, an agent of the Energy Management System, responsible for condition monitoring and anomaly detection using advanced data analytics and Machine Learning algorithms, will also be developed by CORE IC. Moreover, CORE IC will support the deployment of the Asset Health Monitoring and the Energy Management System in the end-user industries for demonstration purposes. Finally, CORE IC will investigate the potential for end users to participate in flexibility markets by using the TRINEFLEX platform. To this end, CORE IC will refine the value proposition of the TRINEFLEX platform and will create business models for provision of ancillary services to the grid according to current national regulations.

Team involved

Ioannis Meintanis

Since 2012 he has been active in research and EU projects implementation such as energy systems, NTD imaging applications and industrial process control. His main interests are in the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence with advanced control theory and Machine/Deep Learning applications including also modelling, simulations and optimization for complex systems.

Andreas Mantelos

Senior IoT and Data Engineer

Since 2005, he has participated in European projects (FP7 and H2020) as a research associate in the National Technical University of Athens. During his academic years he published several publications related to automation control, robotics and sensors in different fields of applications. He has gained a strong industrial experience in designing/applying vertical solutions for quality inspection and production line monitoring systems applying Industry 4.0 IIoT technologies. His expertise includes programming in C/C++, C#, Java, Siemens TIA Portal, Cognex Vision Software for machine vision and sailing.

Aspasia Kellari

She is interested in working in all kinds of projects that utilize the power of Machine/Deep Learning, Signal Processing and Computer Vision. Her expertise includes programming in Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch and sometimes Matlab for solving various problems.

Alexandra Apostolopoulou

She graduated with a BSc Thesis in Natural Language Processing (NLP), but she has also a computer science background. Eager and highly motivated to work in Projects including Artificial Intelligence subfields, such as Machine/Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. Her expertise includes programming in Python, PyTorch, TensorFlow and C/C++ for Machine Learning applications.

Ioannis Maimaris

Innovation Consultant

Currently pursuing a MSc in Techno-Economic Systems at National Technical University of Athens. Passionate to support organizations in creating long-term sustainable value by leveraging technology, radical thinking, and innovative solutions and intrigued by emerging technologies. His professional experience includes consulting in manufacturing digital transformation and prior to that an Industrial Engineering role at a multinational organization. By nature, curious with a “never stop learning” attitude and eager to collaborate with multi-cultural teams.

Valia Iliopoulou

R&I Project Manager

She has gained significant experience in managing complex projects and launching innovative products in the energy sector at the intersection of market, technology and society in international organizations and non-profit enterprises. She is by nature intellectually curious, always motivated to learn, and most happy working in cross-functional and multi-cultural teams. She believes that curiosity is the secret to happiness and the driving force of progress.