AIMEN Technology Centre, is a national and European benchmark in research, development and technological innovation in the areas of advanced manufacturing and laser manufacturing, digital technologies for manufacturing, smart materials, smart systems and recycling; as well as in the provision of differentiating technological services to the industry in the areas of manufacturing with advanced joining technologies, robotics and process digitization, a flexible cross-engineering service highly specialised in welding, corrosion, equipment calculation, product simulation and material tests.


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AIMEN is the project coordinator of TRINEFLEX. As coordinator, AIMEN is in charge of the overall project management, tracks the progress of the project and acts as the main contact with the European Commission for reporting and communications. Regarding the technical part, AIMEN leads the digital validation which defines a business process mappings methodology and the evaluation of the demonstration’s results. AIMEN is also involved in other technical tasks like developing DT in a demonstration site and Process analysis techniques.

Team involved

Raquel Pérez

Project Manager

Asif Mohammed

Project Coordinator

Antonio Abadía Rodríguez

Software Research Engineer, Digital Manufacturing Team – Smart Systems and Smart Manufacturing Unit

Juan Fernández Montenegro

AI Senior R&D, Artificial Intelligence Team – Smart Systems and Smart Manufacturing Unit

Andres Fernández Sóñora

Automation and Electronics Engineer, Digital Manufacturing Team – Smart Systems and Smart Manufacturing Unit

Filipa Daniela Fernandes Lima

Sustainability team – Monitoring the demonstration activities to ensure transferability of results.

Andres Fernández Sóñora

Funding Programmes Management