Meet the Partner: TSK

The Company

Founded in 1963, TSK ELECTRÓNICA Y ELECTRICIDAD is a renowned global company specializing in cutting-edge electronics and electrical solutions. With a workforce of 1.200 dedicated professionals, the company is committed to delivering innovative and sustainable technology across various sectors. TSK’s extensive expertise covers energy, automation, and industrial solutions, making it a trusted partner for clients worldwide. The company’s 60-year legacy underscores its ability to provide comprehensive services, from project conception to execution, ensuring excellence and reliability. TSK’s reputation for quality, innovation, and client satisfaction has established it as a premier player in the industry, with a global presence and a proven track record of successful projects.



TSK’s engagement in TRINEFLEX brings substantial advantages to energy-intensive industries. Through the comprehensive analysis of end-user requirements and flexibility potential, TSK identifies current bottlenecks and proposes flexibility actions. This valuable insight enables industries to optimize processes, enhance product quality, reduce energy consumption, minimize emissions, and improve overall efficiency. TSK’s role in creating a data architecture and big-data infrastructure ensures that industries can leverage data analytics for informed decision-making, adapting to supply variations and implementing energy-flexible technologies. Additionally, TSK contributes to cybersecurity and data management, ensuring secure storage and processing of data, crucial for industries with legal requirements for local data storage. The development of a green hydrogen integration model provides energy-intensive industries with a sustainable solution for clean energy production. Overall, TSK’s activities in TRINEFLEX empower energy-intensive industries to enhance competitiveness, sustainability, and operational resilience.