Meet the Partner: SCCH

The Company

For the past 25 years, the Software Competence Center Hagenberg (SCCH) has been a non-profit research institution focusing on applied research in data science and software science. This emphasis has been instrumental in effectively carrying out projects related to digitalization, Industry 4.0 (the smart factory), and artificial intelligence. SCCH acts as a crucial link between global research initiatives and local industries. With a team of 130 researchers, SCCH is dedicated to conducting top-notch research that contributes significantly to the real-world applications of data science and software science. This commitment positions SCCH as a key player in bridging the gap between academic research and industry needs.


Efficient and flexible use of energy in energy intensive industries requires a profound knowledge and understanding of the underlying physical processes. SCCH is engaged in digital retrofitting and digital twin consolidation with an emphasis on data-driven modeling.  The goal is to develop and provide a framework that captures precise relationships between physical parameters and stages of the process through knowledge graphs and inference-based event abstractions. We pay special attention to traceability, allowing to explain why different process elements are related at any given time. Users should be able to retrieve information about what caused specific process stages—whether positive or problematic. They can test hypothetical scenarios, gain a general overview of important relationships between process parameters, and have the flexibility to enrich the model with expert knowledge for future use. At the same time, partners should be able to benefit from the data-based process models for building optimizing agents and other frameworks necessary for a more sustainable industry.