Meet the Partner: R2M

The Company

R2M solution is a research and innovation company passionate about making the world a better and sustainable place, born the 7th of June 2012 in the city of Pavia. Half of our activities are in Research and Innovation, the realization of new knowledge, products and services typically in the framework of collaborative European research. The other half or our activities focus on the commercialization, early adoption and scaling of new products and services that disrupt markets, solve problems and make our clients more competitive.

We operate most in the sustainability sector where we are deeply engaged in energy, buildings, construction and the smart grid. We are partner in the Green Building Council and are distributors on our territories for some of Europe’s most exciting tools and technologies. Welcome to Research to Market – Europe’s hardest working innovation accelerator. The R2M Solution group is headquartered in Italy and includes more than 100 people operating across five branches and four countries: Italy, Spain, France and United Kingdom. R2M are certified experts in LEED, BREEAM, Energy Auditing, Commissioning, Internal air quality analysis and digitalisation of the construction process on-site. In 2018, responding to market demand, R2M Energy was created as an ESCO working specifically on retrofitting nZEB, Smart Grid and energy communities.


In the TRINEFLEX project, R2M has taken on the role of leader for work package 1 “End user requirements and project specifications”. Work package 1 defines the needs and requirements of the various process industries in which TRINEFELX is to be implemented with the aim of improving energy flexibility. This process is the flexibility audit and is considered an investigation process similar to the energy audit, with the aim of optimising energy consumption and guaranteeing the same level of production and quality. The flexibility audit will provide relevant information for the other work packages and in particular for work package 5, in which the TRINEFELX solution will be validated. R2M is an expert in this type of analysis and has extensive experience in energy management and auditing with a team of certified energy managers led by project manager Marco Rocchetti. At the same time, R2M will contribute to the valorisation process (WP7) based on its consolidated experience in these aspects in the EU projects. In this activity, R2M will work in close synergy with TICASS, Head of Exploitation and Communication, and will lead the task 7.4 “Education and Training / Capacity Building “. As part of this task, R2M will drive the development of a training framework composed of training sessions that will explain the project concepts to stakeholders.