Meet the Partner: NORCE

The Company

NORCE is an independent Norwegian research institute that conducts research for the public and private sectors, to facilitate informed and sustainable choices for the future. NORCE is one of Norway’s largest independent research institutes with nearly 800 employees, 2,000 projects, an annual budget of around NOK 950 million (€95 million) and 450 scientific publications per year. NORCE was created 5 years ago following the merger of several research institutes in Norway. NORCE provides research and innovation in the areas of energy, healthcare, climate, environment, society, and technology. NORCE solutions address key societal challenges and contribute to value creation at local, national, and global levels. NORCE contributes to the adaptation of industry and business in collaboration with businesses and universities, clusters, and centres. Furthermore, NORCE plays an important role in the renewal of the research-based public sector. NORCE is represented throughout Norway with a broad local presence that enables close collaboration with unique centres of excellence, as well as the business community and public authorities.



What could be the benefit of the activities NORCE is carring out in Trineflex for energy intensive industries?

The research carried out by NORCE and partners in WP4 in TRINEFLEX will contribute to test the integration of flexible energy technologies as innovative solution and to increase the creation of sustainable value in Industrial demo cases. This will be a key to reduce energy consumption and gas emissions of the industrial partners involved in TRINEFLEX. NORCE and WP4 partners will generate and implement individualized technology configurations in each demo based on the process of each case and historical data. In addition, NORCE will assist on the digitalization of technologies and models to predict the impact of changes using the digital twin and a visual analysis to managers makers before any physical installation of flexible technologies.