Meet the Partner: AUTH


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) is the largest University in Greece, with 11 Faculties, 41 Departments, 314 Laboratories and more than 90,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The Data and Web Science Lab (Datalab) is an active research laboratory at the School of Informatics of AUTH, with an interdisciplinary team of ~25 researchers and extensive expertise in big data management, AI-driven data analytics and knowledge detection, graph mining, and human-centred approaches that emphasize digital humanism. Datalab’s mission is twofold: to propel cutting-edge scientific research and contribute to high-quality research and innovation with tangible results. Datalab has participated in more than 35 EU, national, and international programs, consistently delivering advanced ICT research and development services, complemented by top-tier consulting expertise. The lab fosters a vibrant environment where faculty, postdoctoral fellows, PhD students, researchers, developers, and entrepreneurs collaborate on high-calibre R&D activities. These activities encompass a wide range of ICT technologies, cross-disciplinary data and web intelligence solutions, and the development of inclusive, society-driven science, technology, and innovation initiatives. Datalab extends scientific expertise into real-world applications with a numerous multi-domain synergies and successful solution implementations in areas such as Industry 4.0, energy, smart cities, circular economy, health analytics, tourism, and collective awareness platforms.


AUTH assumes a critical role in the TRINEFLEX project by fostering human-centric adaptation within Resource and Energy Intensive Industries (REIIs). AUTH’s innovative data-driven approach champions stakeholder awareness and engagement solutions, ensuring TRINEFLEX aligns with the European Union’s ethical values and the principles of a twin and just transition. AUTH’s contributions drive two key outcomes in TRINEFLEX: the Distributed Energy Storage (DES) toolset and the local engagement and impact report. The TRINEFLEX DES toolset, agnostic to specific energy storage technologies, tackles the barrier of limited knowledge within the industrial sector. It facilitates information sharing on available technological advancements, financial incentives, and collaboration opportunities for adopting energy storage solutions with the industrial sector at a pivotal role. The latter outcome, addresses the human dimension essential for implementing TRINEFLEX solutions across the Green and Digital transition of energy-intensive process industries, fostering inclusive engagement among the project’s five demo cases and their surrounding ecosystems. By prioritizing the human dimension, mobilizing local stakeholders and communities, leveraging local energy resources, and facilitating new forms of sustainable economic activity, AUTH helps to strengthen the sustainability of TRINEFLEX advancements beyond the project’s lifespan and ensure a lasting and transformative impact on the REII sector.