Five Demonstration Cases

The TRINEFLEX methodology will be demonstrated in 5 Energy Intensive Industries (EIIs), each comprising common and unique challenges, which allows the Consortium to showcase the adaptability of the process.

Each Demonstration Case:

The common objectives are: defining, realising, and exploiting the flexibility potential of each site, reducing energy demand, peak demand, energy costs and emissions.

An interface will be created between the DCs to share knowledge, best practices and promote synergies in the context of IS and I-US.

glass industries


Verallia Group is a leader company in the glass packaging sector.

aluminium industries


REFIAL is part of Otua Group, one of the leading companies in the recycling of metals in Europe.

water industries


ESAMUR is the Regional Public Water of Murcia region (Spain) company.

copper industries


Halcor’s Copper Tubes Plant at Viotia, has a production capacity of 80,000 tons of copper tube products.

water industries


EYDAP is Greece’s largest water utility provider, serving 4,300,000 customers.

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