Reducing Industrial Impact
Through Energy Flexibility

The main purpose of TRINEFLEX is to redefine and optimize industrial processes according to European Commission's goal of "zero net emissions" by 2050, to contain the increase in global average temperature below 1.5°C.

TRINEFLEX is an innovation actions project, co-funded by the European Commission through the Horizon Europe programme, aimed at supporting the transformation of energy-intensive industrial processes through the integration of energy flexibility and the supply of raw materials.

five Demonstration Cases

The TRINEFLEX methodology will be demonstrated in five Resource and Energy Intensive Industries, each comprising common and unique challenges, which allows the Consortium to showcase the adaptability of the process.

Every Demonstration Case implements Digital Retrofitting, Digital Twinning and Validation, integrate the Multi-Agent Flexibility Optimization Decision Support System (FODSS), design and carry out the horizontal Resource and Energy Intensive Industries adaptation plan. The common objectives are: defining, realising, and exploiting the flexibility potential of each site, reducing energy demand, peak demand, energy costs and emissions.


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